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Colors, shapes and styles: a brand, a badge

Your brand is your identification in business, which you will use to stand out in a digital world that is constantly evolving. So to compete and brand a badge you must convey to your customers a sentiment associated with your business vision. And although people may forget the name of your company, your logo must be able to transcend memory and relate their memories to your brand.

If you are looking to design, redesign, create, manage, add a name or simply an advice, you are in the right place. At K&J Open Solutions we think outside the box, combining strategies + creativity. This way your brand will differentiate itself from the competition and attract more people.

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We revolve around your idea

Having a logo is the first step to achieve the necessary visual identity of your brand, everything you want to convey begins here. That is why we have developed these vital steps that will surely help you conquer your market and be a reference in your niche.


Know your objectives, understand what message you want to convey and conceptualize your idea.


Analyze, understand and evaluate current competition. We start with the basics and we add elements depending on your needs and type of business.


Your brand is much more than a product, a logo, a website or a name. We help you create long-term strategies so that you consolidate a solid brand and achieve specific objectives


Once the strategy is underway, we must concentrate on offering your clients emotions to achieve their loyalty and promote your message to their circle of influence.


Brand Exprience is the key to strengthening ties with your customers. In today's changing environment, nothing remains static and our goal is for all your customers to identify with the message and be one with the company.


We say it all the time; The only constant is change. Our advice will give you tools so that you are aware of the evolution of your market and can optimize your results.


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